Surface Quality Inspection

A Groundbreaking Innovation in Real-Time Intelligent Automated Vehicle Painted Surface Inspection System

Detecting surface defects on a coated sheet metal is always a difficult task for industry. Waviness, scratches, discolored specks are all very hard to spot even by a skillful quality inspection personnel. Traditionally such an inspection relies on human eyes to pick up the blemishes. However, sometimes only when the sheet metal is on a certain angle can the defects be seen by the bare eye. 

We have successfully automated such an inspection process in a reliable and economical method. By applying multiple-camera to scan the complete surface in real time, PC-based machine vision system with special light scheme, the aforementioned surface defects became detectable. The special lighting layout makes the inspection reliable without the needs to constantly adjust the camera-object relative angle.


"Customer preceived car quality mainly through satisfaction of finishing"
J.D. Powers & Associates

"Our surveys revealed that even slight defects on painted surfaces are more strongly
rejected by consumers than minor technical defects"
Company X
QA Director

"Even the tiniest irregularities on the painted surface catch the consumers's eye
and make the expensive products unmarketable"
Company Z