Automotive Assembly

We provide multiple high resolution cameras to inspect various areas of the assembled part for presence absence, position, and orientation, colour correctness, engaged features and much more.

Including the following assembly process:

  • Body Frame & Chassis Quality
  • Brake Hydraulic Line
  • Camshaft Quality
  • Car Seat Assembly
  • Emblem & Badges Assembly
  • Engine Powertrain Assembly
  • Gears & Sprockets Alignment
  • Glue Seal & Gap Analysis
  • Laser Brace Quality
  • Oil Filter & Fuel Tank Assembly
  • Panel Assembly
  • Piston Assembly
  • Precision Inserts & Welding
  • Vehicle ID Number Verification
  • Vehicle Surface Quality

Body Frame Quality Inspection

Laser Braze Roof Inspection

Emblem Badges Assembly Inspection

Vehicle ID Number Verification Inspection

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