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Sometimes our clients have difficulty to simply define: “What is considered a defect? Is a scratch, burr, or flat edge on the round surface a defect?”

For complex vision inspection projects, there’s almost always a level of ambiguity. We take pride in coming up with solutions that work and often are new to the industry.

Total Vision Engineering

Abraham Innovation Systems Inc. (AISI) is a machine vision system specialist that designs and builds intelligent vision solutions used for quality control. With 100% inspection, our vision inspection systems produce major improvements in productivity while driving manufacturing costs down.

Designed To Integrate

Every vision system is designed to integrate with your unique manufacturing process and environment. By using multiple high resolution cameras and our application specific software we give you the most accurate and efficient defect inspection.

Our expertise includes programming and integrating machine vision systems with industrial robotics to further automate the inspection process.

Customers & Partners

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