Young Entrepreneur Program

Our objective is to recruit young talents who are passionate and eager to become entrepreneurs and be equipped with the knowledge to start a business in Canada and International markets.

Why did we create this program?

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. Entrepreneurs often spend years of hard work, embrace a willingness to work overtime even without a glimpse of signs of success. Entrepreneurship often means loneliness and despair in their journey of a business venture. Similarly, in the era of turmoil and in our early days of business history, we had faced and dealt with many of these unbearable difficulties and hardships but today we realize these experiences are so valuable to win the business and carry on in our journey. It would be a great blessing for us and for young entrepreneurs to share and learn this knowledge and experience. It is our privilege to provide support to young talents who are passionate and eager to make their entrepreneurial dream come true.

Training & Mentorship

An entrepreneur may need to wear many hats with different roles in many different business environments. Our business coaching advisory team will offer concrete advice to help you understand and manage all the different functions within the organization with confidence.

Trainings will be focused on four main areas : Financial Management, Leadership and Management, Sales and Marketing, and Strategic Planning.

How the Young Entrepreneur Program works:

Stage I : 12 months for Technology and Product Training

  • Select, study and understand the future products for the start-up business

  • Identify and analyze product marketĀ 

  • Practice engineering work to build a business from concepts to commercial products to meet market needs

  • Develop and implement marketing and sales strategies to open doors into marketĀ 

  • Analyze trends, data, demographics, pricing strategies, and other information that can potentially improve marketing and sales performance

Stage II : 12 months for Corporate Organization Training

  • Time management and practice business presentation skills

  • Validate and build a sustainable business model

  • Develop a marketing plan that reaches target customers

  • Build and manage a strong and competent team

  • Manage your finances using financial statements and tools

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