Rental Plan

The Rise of Inspection Service Agents

Some manufacturers used third-party sorting and inspection companies to ensure quality and reduce risks on shipment recall.


We provide customizable vision inspection rental machines to reduce the manufacturer’s bill on the labor inspection.

Why Use The Rental Plan?

Pay for when you need it and invest on what you need and help to accommodate your temporary demands and release your financial burden.

Invest only on when you need the equipment for a selected time frame without a long-term commitment. Perfect for contract projects and new product development.

Helps you identify long-term needs while you are working on the short-term project fulfillments, or satisfying successful new-trial products and production lines and seeing business boomed after the rental.

You can return the equipment when you are ready to move onto your next project with confidence. We will give you the flexibility if your project surpasses your expectations, you can keep the equipment from a rental term to a purchase option.

Contact Us To Start A Rental Plan

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