Solving Workforce Challenges

Are you

  • suffering from manufacturing labor shortages?

  • paying a premium insurance cost due to workplace injuries?

  • having issues with production flexibility vis-a-vis seasonal demands?

Connect with us!! Our automation solutions may be the answer!!

Abraham Innovations provide fully automated non-destructive-test (NDT) offline and online systems using X-ray, acoustic, ultrasonic, eddy current, laser measurement, and vision technologies for quality control assurance with 100% inspection capability to drive your production cost down.

Our systems help eliminate manufacturing faults due to alignment, cracks, dimensional variations, inclusions, incorrect sintering, missing features, orientation, porosity, and also provide intelligent robot guidance for pick and place applications.

Advantages :

  • Support multiple parts (similar size and shape) running in one cell to REDUCE COST

  • No changeover mechanical gripper/tooling needed to ELIMINATE DOWNTIME

  • HMI process status control and display to EASE OPERATION

  • Integrated with AI and Machine Learning capability to BOOST UP production performance

  • The use of laser marking of 2D Matrix Code to ACHIEVE TRACEABILITY functions

  • Full LAN and CLOUD programming support for DATA storage, retrieval and management

Benefits :

  • Streamline your production without reliance on human inspection

  • Reduce medical claims from operational injuries

  • Optimize production costs by boosting productivity and reducing material wastage

  • 1-2 years return of investment

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