Ergonomic Workstation (A-EYE)

The A-Eye is an industrial grade, high magnification imaging device created to replace the traditional magnifying glass with a digital replacement.

Image capture, video recording, share live video over meeting apps (zoom, google meet, microsoft team…etc) on desktop or laptop PC makes work and online meeting easier.

Three modles are available for different magnification level and inspection needs :

  • Executive Grade

  • Industrial Grade

  • Laboratory Grade

A-Eye Executive

  • 1/3.2″ sensor with 8M pixels

  • 1080p FHD HDMI output

  • 10X optical + 20X digital zoom

  • Flexible arm for max movement

  • Built-in image capture & video recording thru SD card

  • Support video sharing with online meeting apps like zoom via USB

  • Good for conference room, online meeting, managers office

A-Eye Industrial 

  • 適用於研發,實驗室和詳細質量檢查

  • 13M像素的1/3英寸傳感器

  • 4K HDMI輸出@ 60Hz

  • 在23英寸/ 27英寸顯示器上為8倍/ 10倍放大率,並且能夠20倍數字變焦

  • 堅固耐用的金屬外殼,適用於工業環境

  • Optional vertical mount for workshop

  • Support video sharing with online meeting apps like zoom via USB


  • Built-in 11.6″ Full-HD IPS screen

  • SONY 1/2″ camera sensor

  • HDMI輸出到額外的顯示器

  • 10X to 300X zoom with interchangeable object lenses

  • Built-in & On-screen measuring tools

  • Image capture & video recording with USB thumb-drive

  • Optional base with LED backlight

  • Good for R&D, laboratory, electronics and detail quality inspections

A-Eye Industrial Demo Videos

A-Eye LAB Demo Videos


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