Training, Service Policy

Manufacturing needs are never constant and will change with new production requirements. It is key for AISI to help our customers become familiar with our AVI tools and provide an open platform so that your engineers can acquire knowledge on setting parameters for our AISI machine vision systems. These systems represent the most advanced features available from existing vision technology and will allow the performance of intelligent inspection for manufacturing applications. AISI will work with and support your engineering personnel to handle the technicalities of creating recipes and manipulating the software to achieve what you want with your machine vision systems as your production evolves. This is our service policy to our customers.

Recent Projects

  • Door Panel Inspection
    Inline 12-camera system provides multiple inspection points for plastic housing in door panel.
  • Robot Guided AutoLoader
    Industrial accumulator conveys machined parts for inspection. Robot and vision system programmed for pick and place.
  • Rotating Gear Inspection
    Machine vision inspection for damage of sprocket gear teeth.