SG4-30 Base


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Product Description


The new series of  SG4-30 BASE safety light curtains widens the existing SG range, whilst representing an evolution of the SE4-30 PLUS line, offering a Type 4 safety light device for hand protection with base functions. Ideal for applications that do not require complementary functions such as Muting, Cascade and blanking. The new SG4-B series has been especially developed to simplify installation, connection, configuration and use.

Features & Benefits

  • 19 m operating distance (30 mm version) : The increased operating distance allows to solve a wider application range, including those with deviating mirrors.
  • Reduced response time : The product can be installed very close to the dangerous area thanks to the extremely low response time and thus reducing the machine dimensions.
  • Rotating brackets : Installation in reduced spaces. The possibility of adjusting the rotation angle along the product axis facilitates the optic alignment also in extreme conditions.
  • EDM function : Allows the connection of the safety light curtain to a couple of forced-guided safety relays and thus guaranteeing economical advantage.
  • Compatibility with SE4-PLUS “EDM” : Possible replacement with SG4-B in applications where SE4-PLUS “EDM” was previously installed without modifying the machine structure and the main electrical connections
  • 7 segment display : The 7 segment display present on both units facilitates the use of the product, improving the comprehension of the diagnostic messages through an alphanumeric 1 digit code.
  • Alignment aid function : The guided alignment procedure eases and speeds up product installation. The alignment degree of the two units is visualised on the RX display.


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Automatic machines;
  • Packaging and cutting machines;
  • Textile, wood-working and ceramic machines;
  • Automatic assembling lines;
  • Milling, lathe and shearing machines;
  • Bending and metal-working machines.

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SG4-30-015-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-030-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-045-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-060-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-075-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-090-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-105-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-120-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-135-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-150-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-165-OO-E 30mm RES EDM, SG4-30-180-OO-E 30mm RES EDM