Product Description


The new SG2-90 EXTENDED safety light curtains represent the completion of the SG2 series thanks to their advanced functions for a Type 2 safety light curtain, such as manual/automatic Restart, EDM function, Anti-interference system (obtained thanks to the reduction to 9m of the maximum operating distance). Models with controlled heights ranging from 150 to 1800mm are available, all with an operating distance reaching 9 or 19m.

Features & Benefits

  • 19 m operating distance: The increased operating distance allows to solve a wider application range, including those with deviating mirrors.
  • Reduced response time: The product can be installed very close to the dangerous area thanks to the extremely low response time and thus reducing the machine dimensions.
  • Rotating brackets: Installation in reduced spaces. The possibility of adjusting the rotation angle along the product axis up to 180° with a ±10° fine adjustment facilitates the optic alignment also in extreme conditions.
  • EDM function: Allows the connection of the safety light curtain to a couple of forced-guided safety relays instead of Type 2 safety relays and thus guaranteeing economical advantage.
  • Anti-Interference function: Allows the installation of different safety light curtains one beside the other without optical interference avoiding the installation of mechanical separating shields.


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • Automatic machines;
  • Machines for packaging, material handling, storing;
  • Weaving machines, wood working machines, ceramic working machines;
  • Automatic and semiautomatic assembly lines;
  • Automatic warehouses.