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Product Description


The SF2-30 safety light curtains series are available with ten standard heights ranging from 150 to 1500mm, 30mm resolution, operating distance reaching 15m and compact dimensions (31x32mm). The safety light curtains of SF2-30 series have also integrated the test function, automatically activated every 0.5 seconds, without stopping the machine’s working cycle.


This product series has been developed to satisfy to requirements of the following reference applications:

  • ¬†Automatic machines
  • Packaging machines, handling machines, storing machines
  • Textile, ceramic, wood and leather working machines.
  • Automatic and semi-automatic assembly lines
  • Automatic warehouses

Additional Information


SF2-30-015-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-030-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-045-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-060-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-075-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-090-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-105-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-120-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-135-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-150-PP-X 30mm res AUTO RESTART, SF2-30-015-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-030-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-045-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-060-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-075-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-090-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-105-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-120-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-135-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART, SF2-30-150-PP-Y 30mm res MANUAL RESTART