Poka Yoke

Poka yoke means “fool-proof” or “mistake-proofing” avoiding inadvertent human errors, or a method of preventing errors by putting limits on how operation can be performed in order to force the correct completion of the operation.

Pharmaceutical Tracking

One example of the poka yoke process is the first stage of the pharmaceutical industry: primary filling line. Unlabeled bottles are filled with prescriptions on this line. An inkjet prints 2D Matrix Code onto the bottle and our machine vision system reads, records and archives. The archived data contains all critical information on that prescription. These now filled bottles are then sent to a warehouse.

When an order comes in, the required unlabeled bottles are brought to the secondary labeling line. A different AISI system reads each code and sends information to a labeling system which correctly labels each prescription bottle. The records are then updated into a database, allowing both manufacturer and consumer access to know every location this prescription is going to and coming from.

Label & Web Inspections

  • Color verification
  • Expiration date verification
  • Multiple barcode scanning
  • 2D matrix code with data management and statistical archiving

Vial Inspections

  • Color verification
  • Presence, placement, integrity inspections
  • Presence count in packaging
  • Rubber stopper, label, fill level inspections
  • Foreign object detection

Color and Blister Inspections

  • Color and blister inspections on PVC and cold form
  • Presence validation
  • Broken, stain, scoring detection
  • Partial and wrong mix detection
  • Foreign object detection

Syringe Inspections

  • Prefilled, dual and single chamber syringe inspections
  • Tip and cap presence and placement validation
  • Needle and needle shield presence and placement validation
  • Fill level and level inspections
  • Foreign object detection

Recent Projects

  • Door Panel Inspection
    Inline 12-camera system provides multiple inspection points for plastic housing in door panel.
  • Robot Guided AutoLoader
    Industrial accumulator conveys machined parts for inspection. Robot and vision system programmed for pick and place.
  • Rotating Gear Inspection
    Machine vision inspection for damage of sprocket gear teeth.