Label inspection (1D/2D)

  • Lot numbers expiration date verification
  • Scan multiple barcodes per row and inspect 150+ rows per minute
  • Ensure accurate validation with 99.9% no false reject rate
  • Provide full traceability and historical image archives
  • Maintain SPC statistics and comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

Vial inspection

  • Color verification
  • Presence, placement and integrity inspection
  • Robust OCV/OCR performance
  • Presence count in packaging
  • Rubber stopper, label, fill level, cap and crimp inspections

Color & blister inspection

  • Color & blister inspections on thermo PVC and cold form
  • Detect broken, stained, scored, partial and wrong mixes
  • Easy to use point and click HMI display
  • Support multiple recipes
  • Ensure traceability and accountability

Syringe inspection

  • Prefilled, dual and single chamber syringe inspection
  • Tip and cap presence and placement
  • Needles and needle shields presence and placement
  • Serialized 2D Matrix Code with data management and history archives
  • Fill levels and foreign object detection