Our Team

Joseph Poon

Dr Joseph Poon and his core team of machine vision specialists, programmers, technicians and financial accounts have worked closely together for over a decade in the field of automated vision inspection systems. Our core team has developed over 200 machine vision inspection systems in North America and other parts of the world, serving industries from Big 5 auto clients, Fortune 500 pharmaceuticals and other well-known top tier firms.

Our strong research and development capability is recognized by the Canadian government and we’ve been awarded special R&D funding from National Research Council of Canada – Industrial Research Assistance Program (NCR – IRAP) that further extends the boundaries of the vision inspection industry. We also have a strong entrepreneurial focus as we take our innovative solutions to the marketplace.

Our company continues to grow and our focus remains on satisfying our customers’ needs and working towards ever increasing requirements of the manufacturing industry. As we grow, it is our pride and joy to develop young bright minds who will be diligently trained, encouraged to work smart and given opportunities to learn and succeed. We’d like to introduce a few of our team members who will share their insights as they develop their career with Abraham Innovations.

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Joey Than

Joey Than

Joey’s involvement in Machine Vision began when he joined the Abraham Innovations team in 2006 as a university intern. He graduated from Ryerson University in 2008 with a degree in Computer Engineering. From there, he developed into the role of Project Leader and continued in a leadership role up to his current position as Assistant Program Manager.

During his time at Abraham Innovations, he has had the opportunity to travel across continents to deliver solutions to customers in Canada, the US, Mexico, and Asia. Along with project management, his tasks include providing training and support as well as assisting in field installations.

In his spare time Joey enjoys songwriting, playing guitar, and singing, and regularly performs in and around Toronto with his band.

Joey ~ Working in the machine vision industry enables me to apply the same creative energy I put into my music. Many times the projects present unique challenges that must be solved in innovative ways.

Edbert Sie

Edbert Sie

Edbert joined Abraham Innovations in 2013 and was mentored in the fundamentals of Machine Vision by our Projects Division. He is a graduate from Ryerson University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In a short time, he has learned a lot through hard work, diligent study and persistance in finding solutions to our projects. He has developed both design and hands-on skills in areas of mechanical, electrical, machine vision software, and project management. He has now progressed to the position of Project Coordinator.

Edbert ~ “Working in a high tech company which integrates Machine Vision Systems with Robotics is very exciting as our team will tackle challenging projects and by the end of every project I will always learn new things.”

Edbert enjoys BBQ grilling, cooking Italian pasta dishes and burning off those delicious calories by running and playing soccer.

Jaime Eduardo Nuñez Jaramillo

Jaime Eduardo Nunez Jaramillo

Jaime grew up in Colombia and emigrated to Canada a few years ago. He is a graduate of Electromechanical Engineering Automation and Robotics program at Humber College. He joined Abraham Innovations in 2014 as an Automation Technician. Jaime is mentored by our Projects Division on PLC’s, robot control and building machine vision workstations.

Jaime ~ “The management received me with open arms and a warm heart. I’m thankful for the chance to start my career in my field of study and every day I want to learn more and try to work the best I can. Hopefully, one day Abraham Innovations will expand to South America so I can show our technology in my home country.”

Jaime relaxes by playing soccer and racing remote control cars.

Santiago Marin

Santiago Marin

Santiago started working at Abraham Innovations as a co-op intern in 2014 and is studying in the Electromechanical Engineering Technology program at Humber College, Santiago was trained by our Projects Division to work on machine vision systems and robot automation projects. Santiago is now in his final year of college where he continues to learn new concepts at college which he then applies on our projects.

Santiago ~ “I appreciate the calm and friendly environment that Abraham Innovations offers and the balance the company provides between work and family… especially their flexible scheduling during World Cup Soccer in 2014…”

In his spare time, Santiago enjoys playing sports, spending time with family and friends.

Charis Lin

Chris Lin

Charis began working at Abraham Innovations in May of 2014 as a Projects/Marketing Intern. She is a candidate for a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Life Physics at the University of Waterloo. She supports the Marketing team in developing marketing material for business strategy plans and promotional videos. Charis also assists the Projects Division in the development of project management and project control tools.

Charis enjoys sketching and painting portraits or scenes; whether it is at a small park or on a subway ride. She also enjoys playing the piano at small gatherings and plays on her church’s worship team.

Charis ~ “In preparing the marketing materials, Abraham Innovations encourage me to be creative and artistic. I enjoy sharing ideas with the entire team and our collaboration often leads to new and fresh inspiration.”

Recent Projects

  • Door Panel Inspection
    Inline 12-camera system provides multiple inspection points for plastic housing in door panel.
  • Robot Guided AutoLoader
    Industrial accumulator conveys machined parts for inspection. Robot and vision system programmed for pick and place.
  • Rotating Gear Inspection
    Machine vision inspection for damage of sprocket gear teeth.