Innovation Products

Automotive Body

  • Automated 100% inspection for defects on painted surface on vehicles

  • Recipe driven system to automatically switch to different programs for quick setup and change-over

  • Continuously scan the whole vehicle body without having to stop the assembly line

  • Maximum light-blocked environment for optimum zebra light effects to highlight defect

  • Multiple stages to inspect various sections of vehicle 

Mobile Robot
with AGV

  • KUKA Intelligent Navigatoin Solution based on SLAM methodology for self-navigating vehicles in the mobile robotics sector

  • It contains all the components for the autonomous navigation of a vehicle, integrated on a modular basis, including active path detection and software for simultaneously commanding and controlling multiple vehicles in swarms


Testing (NDT) Cell

  • Seamless NDT Integration cell with capabilities like X-ray, Acoustic, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Bore Gauge & Vision Inspection 

  • Recipe based automated inspection system for quick and easy production change

  • Industry 4.0 : autonomous, customizable, flexible manufacturing mobile robots to accommodate limitations on workshop floor space and be able to serve many quality check applications