Glass Bottle

AISI turnkey machine vision inspection system used to detect flaws: chips, burrs, bottle cap/cork position, fill level, cracks, shear and blisters on glass bottles. The vision system performs automated inspection without ever touching any of the bottles.

Neck Inspection

  • Sunken neck, deformed ring, broken seams, ring seam cracks, neck tear

Surface inspection

  • Body dimensions, stones, seed, body cracks, blisters, molds, bulges, wrinkles, dirty bottle, oil marks, glass string, brush mark, pressure cracks, wash marks, sunken sides, thickness

Base inspection

  • Mold code reading, uneven base, foreign object

Other inspection

  • Label presence, alignments, label wrinkles, expiration dates, fill level

Complete solution for:

  • Challenging high speed inspection and machine vision applications
  • Multiple inspection point integration under one console
  • Online production monitoring and quality assurance
  • Proactive cause discovery and trend analysis
  • Data and image capturing and archiving
  • Performance management dashboard
  • B&W or Color inspection with universal lighting
  • High speed inspection repeatability with low false reject rates
  • Adjustable control for reject rate
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Online production monitoring from internet browser
  • Reject cause and trend analysis
  • Modular system structure for easy switch between production lines
  • On-the-fly parameter changes
  • Online or onsite support to service your system
  • Trainable and configurable system with NO programming needed
  • Intelligent vision modules to detect defect patterns with 360 degree coverage regardless of orientation and dimensions
  • Accurate measurement down to µm level (

Custom made user graphics interfaces, production integration and management dashboard

  • User friendly operation GUIs and alarms
  • Recipe driven administration to handle multiple product types
  • Animation display for production status
  • Adjustable parameter entry and modifiable pass and fail scoring decision matrix
  • High level security of authority and authentication, and audit logging
  • Direct PLC logics integration and reject process tracking
  • Proactive identification of trouble spots
  • Web based interfaces for raw data download and extended query functions for trend analysis

Recent Projects

  • Door Panel Inspection
    Inline 12-camera system provides multiple inspection points for plastic housing in door panel.
  • Robot Guided AutoLoader
    Industrial accumulator conveys machined parts for inspection. Robot and vision system programmed for pick and place.
  • Rotating Gear Inspection
    Machine vision inspection for damage of sprocket gear teeth.