Vehicle Emblem

Some of the most frustrating hassles in final vehicle assembly are emblems being placed improperly or missing altogether. Abraham Innovation System offers a vision system to inspect emblems on several different vehicle models with various colours. By using multiple high resolution cameras and our customized machine vision software we achieve the highest quality of inspection.

Vehicle Emblem

Problem: The solution we provide inspects for the presence/absence, alignment and colour of various vehicle emblems in various locations.

Solution: We developed and installed a multiple camera vision system. Integration with the plant computer network is needed in order to communicate which car is next in the assembly line. Coupled with our powerful software we are able to perform inspections for upwards of 200 different vehicles with only one system.

After inspection the system stores all the images and upon detection of a defective vehicle the system identifies which emblem is defective and it stores the defect data (date/time, location, emblem type, etc) giving a fail result. The resulting SPC reports are extremely effective in reducing the number of similar defects in the future thus saving time and money.

Assembly Inspection: Emblem is an excellent choice for any vehicle OEM.

Recent Projects

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  • Rotating Gear Inspection
    Machine vision inspection for damage of sprocket gear teeth.