Abraham Innovation Systems Inc. (AISI) provides leading edge technologies on machine intelligence to help clients accomplish a wide range of machine vision inspection applications within very short engineering cycle time. Our assemblies incorporate illumination, optics and image processing analysis software together to form a powerful turnkey solution to fulfill your inspection requirements. We follow strict guidelines to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

AISI has implemented a variety of different applications that covers all automotive sectors. From engine assembly to electronics and dashboards, you will find AISI to be the best and complete vision inspection solution to suit your needs.

Engine Assembly

Automotive Vision Inspection Industry

As a manufacturer of engine powertrain assemblies, error proofing and detection is a top priority. They produce 16 different combinations and variations across different models of cars.

In this application, AISI proposed a 32 camera system platform that examines over 60 points of inspection on 20 optional pieces of hardware. In a span of 4 seconds, the entire engine module is checked and given a pass or fail.

Electronic Components

As a world supplier of air-bag deployment computers for automobiles, auto makers demand flawless systems and penalize suppliers heavily for flawed computer modules. AISI proposed an machine vision inspection solution that automatically checked for component orientation and engagement prior to soldering. Serial numbers of each module would be recorded for 100% traceability, while automated handling would provide foolproof containment. With SPC presentation, the interface yields complete analysis and statistics.


Car Inspection Solution

Here is a facility that does stamp, weld, and assembly operations. They provide class A and B body shop modules and feed them to a number of OEMs. They have the need to detect that fasteners are present, fully inserted and to ensure that a sealer is present and undam-aged. They had implemented a number of vision solutions such as competitors smart cameras, but realized they were too unreliable and failed to do the job.

AISI implemented a 6 camera single station system for the application. Our tools were able to identify process faults quickly, increasing quality and lowering scrap costs. The system takes full advantage of our features as we provide the means to inspect, detect and record within a vision system platform that is simple to use.

After seeing the reliability and results of the first single stationed AISI system, this client now has 12 stations with a total of 75 cameras installed in their facility.

Car Seat Manufacturing

North America's leading car seat manufacturers for the big 3 are affected by increasing labor rates and a demand for higher quality control. AISI implemented a color inspection system that inspected car seats assemblies. The system inspects 30 seat styles for color, styles and accessories. Over 23 regions are inspected in a second and faults are flagged so they can be repaired.

Panel Assembly

This high volume production manufacturer of dashboard panels is responsible for assembling, welding and finishing. With the goal to reduce labor costs while maintaining quality, they required a reliable vision system. AISI proposed a 17 camera automated vision inspection system with less than a one second per panel inspection time. The system inspected multiple areas on the panel. Our interface displayed a mimic diagram detailing failed parts, which signaled the operator allowing for inline repairs. With SPC reporting, upper management would monitor situations and determine areas that needed preventive maintenance.

Some safety liability projects include

  • Air bag, seat belt, car seat projects
  • Brake, wheel and steering inspections
  • Engine and fuel system parts projects
  • Other automotive assemblies

Overall automotive inspection possibilities:

  • Machined surfaces, thread presence and measurement
  • Geometric measurements, stamping, fasteners, etc.
  • Injection and blow molding deformities
  • Welding, riveting, sealant, brazing validation
  • Surface inspection for voids, cracks and chips
  • Assembly validation
  • Presence, location, orientation and engagement verification

Recent Projects

  • Door Panel Inspection
    Inline 12-camera system provides multiple inspection points for plastic housing in door panel.
  • Robot Guided AutoLoader
    Industrial accumulator conveys machined parts for inspection. Robot and vision system programmed for pick and place.
  • Rotating Gear Inspection
    Machine vision inspection for damage of sprocket gear teeth.